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ArenaFans is a FREE app designed for all stadium lovers. The best for your passion – without limits

The Fan App for Your Stadium

ArenaFans is the stadium app for every fan, groundhopper and those who want to become one.

The next away game is coming up and you want to find out more about the stadium and plan your visit. See what others say about your away stadium.

You’re just a fan and the last time you were in the stadium you waited too long for a bad sausage and stale beer, and you didn’t have a network either? The game was great but the drumming is better?

Share your stadium experience with millions of like-minded people on ArenaFans – the fan app for your stadium visit. Share your opinion and experience with other fans. Read exclusively what fans say about your stadium.

The Fan App for Your Mobile Phone

With the free ArenaFans app you can easily find the stadium in which you have been or are or are going. Rate your experience quickly. Four categories result in your stadium rating on every match day. Many overall ratings make the overall picture of the stadium.

You can of course also leave pictures and comments. Make other fans even more excited about your stadium.

And if your stadium is missing, simply create a new one in the app with the necessary data. We will check your request and add more information.

Live your passion. Share your opinion.

Live your passion. Share your opinion.

The Fan App for For Your Grounds

There is also a groundhopper in every fan. Groundhoppers love stadiums and arenas. To show where you have already been, you no longer need a map on the wall or your own app. We combine everything in one app for the fan.1

As soon as you have given at least one rating for your ground, the symbol will automatically appear on your map. Thus you can see at a glance where you have already been above all.

ArenaFans The stadium community app

ArenaFans The stadium community app

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