Frequently Asked Questions

About your fan profile

What is ArenaFans?

ArenaFans is a global special social media platform for fans and stadium spectators. Cross sports oriented makes it of interest for everybody who loves sports. ArenaFans is the first social media app which combines all sports around the globe within one app.

What can I do with ArenaFans?

To prepare your visit to the stadium, you can find out in advance where the stadium is located. Usually you already know that - but you never know. Once you are in the stadium, you concentrate fully on it. Now the stadium sausage was nothing and the beer stale - who are you telling? Here you can share your experience on this game day. There is nothing worse than waiting too long at the sausage stand and the next half-time/third starts and you don't get to see your team's goal. And if that's the case, you'll want to get rid of it. Share your experience with the rating, a comment and / or with photos.

How much does ArenaFans cost?

ArenaFans is currently free of charge. We believe fan is fan and every fan should have free access. However, free doesn't mean it has a price - the price is that we put ads in the app. If you think we should offer an ad-free version at a price in euros/dollars/thalers/dublones in the Store - let us know.

How can I give feedback, criticism, wishes and other things about the app?

Again, we ask you to select the hamburger menu. Top left of the app. There you will find the Feedback menu item. This is nothing more than a contact form that sends us an email. There you can get rid of everything in the text that is close to your heart - by the way, criticism is very important, but the team is also happy about a little praise.

What happens to my data?

Your data is what you enter in your profile and what you leave with us in ratings, comments and photos. We have the highest respect for intellectual property and have done everything in and outside the app to implement German standards. You can also read about this in our privacy policy.

Who is behind ArenaFans? So where is the imprint?

Behind ArenaFans is the company 3Jguys GmbH. In the meantime, four stadium enthusiasts who want to make the experience of visiting the stadium better. We are fans, and together with the community we want to give the fan the importance he deserves. You can find our imprint here in the Hamburge menu or on our website.

How do I find a stadium?

The app always starts automatically with the stadium finder when you are logged in. The map shows, with approved GPS localization, where you are on the globe. With the usual finger movements you can zoom out and find stadiums in your vicinity or even further away. You see your stadium, tap on the icon and at the bottom of your screen appears the stadium window that you can open by tapping or sliding upwards. Of course you can also search by a city name. Works similar, but not one-handed ;-)

What do the icons on the map mean?

The different symbols show you the main sport that is shown in the arena. Often Bundesliga teams of different sports play in the arena, then there is a cross-sport sign in the finder.

How do I choose a stadium?

You can see your stadium on the map or have search results in the text box below - just tap on your stadium on the map or in the results box and it will take you to the stadium information page.

What stadium information do I see?

Here you will find a picture, an accompanying text, address, weblinks and generally interesting information. In addition, you can see the current status of all ratings, i.e. the total average of all ratings submitted so far. You can also see the latest comments and photos. From here you can access the stadium gallery, where you can upload your own pictures or view pictures of other fans.

My stadium is missing, what can I do?

If you can't find your stadium, you can do the following. On the top left is the Hamburg menu - open it and tap on the menu item Create stadium. Here you can enter some data and send it. What happens now? Your stadium appears in our management console and we first check if the stadium is not already there. If it is already there, we reject your request. If it is not there yet and the stadium really exists, we add your information in good faith and put it into the stadium database. As soon as we activate it there, it will appear in the app. Very important thing. We add stadiums permanently, worldwide, across all sports - so we don't get bored. However, if stadiums come from you, we prioritize them highly and take care of your requests first.

What is the Groundhopper Map?

A really cool feature. The Groundhopper Map shows you all stadiums on the map, to which you have given at least one rating. We assume you were there in the stadium and therefore we save you the thumbtacks in the wall map ;-)

How can I register?

On the registration page you have four options to log in. Either the classic way with email address and password or you use another account and do the so-called social sign-in. This works with the platforms Google, Facebook and Apple, where you have an account.

How do I log in?

You have an account - then with username and password or with the social log-in automatically.

What can I change in my profile?

You can access the settings in the app via the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. There, go to your profile and customize it.

What is the Fan Level and where can I find my position in the ranking?

The Fan Level simply tells you how active you are on the app. No matter if ranking, comment, photo or request of a new stadium, everything gives points. You can advance to the Hall of Fans for the total number of points, or also in the individual categories. In the future, we also want to make monthly battles with prizes out of it - so an awesome logo sticker from AF for example.

How do I delete my profile?

If you would like us to delete your profile, please contact us at and we will delete your account immediately.